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I'm a former developer happily turned designer. I spend my days designing better experiences on Elastic's Cloud platform. I spend my nights playing with UI on Dribbble and trying my hand at writing on Medium. When I'm not thinking about design, I'm cooking up new recipes, reading some interesting books, or playing a lawfully good, gnome cleric in Dungeons and Dragons. Thank you for taking time to learn more about me and my journey. If you have any questions, please send me a message.


Completed projects


UI Asset Library

I helped build BNY Mellon's UI Asset Library using the Design Thinking Methodology.


Service Request Portal

I lead the design effort to reimagine BNY Mellon's internal request system using BMC Technologies.


Plant watering app

I created a personal project to teach myself Framer. The app is a plant watering and care app.


Recent articles

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Pride and Prejudice and Personas

Recent UI designs

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